A new sister site to CareerBuilder.com hopes to help the quick-service industry with its hiring efforts.

JobsOnTheMenu.com launched this month as a means for job seekers to find positions in the restaurant and foodservice industries.

“In the restaurant industry, staff can be transient,” says Laura Kavanaugh, managing director of JobsOnTheMenu. “Therefore hiring is always a priority. This is particularly true in the quick-service restaurant industry. Labor management is a top challenge and turnover can be high.”

“We wanted to offer alternative options for our restaurant clients.”

The new site, which Kavanaugh says is user-friendly for restaurant operators, offers postings for every position in a restaurant company, from hourly to management and corporate.

Kavanaugh says JobsOnTheMenu provides a niche service to operators that they couldn’t otherwise have through CareerBuilder or other services.

“[Operators are] going to be able to access an audience that’s highly specialized to the restaurant and foodservice category,” she says.

“The people that are coming to JobsOnTheMenu, they’re either looking to work in the restaurant industry, they have experience in the restaurant/foodservice industry, or this is the career path that they want to take.”

JobsOnTheMenu lets operators search for qualified candidates geographically, which Kavanaugh says is an important tool.

“It’s helpful particularly in the quick-service restaurant industry because from what we’ve heard from employers, there’s a strong correlation between turnover and their employees’ radius to their restaurant location,” she says.

The best benefit JobsOnTheMenu delivers to restaurant operators, Kavanaugh says, is a speedy path to hiring employees. Openings posted one morning could be filled within a day or two through this service, she says.

“We believe that we’re offering a very, very valuable tool that will help them to be able to increase their efficiencies and their recruitment efforts,” she says.

By Sam Oches