The Dolly Llama, the dessert concept from French restaurateur and entrepreneur Samuel Baroux and real estate leader Eric Shomof, announces two new locations opening in the greater Los Angeles area this summer. The first will be located at 14545 Ventura Blvd (Van Nuys and Ventura) in Sherman Oaks. The second, planned for the Northridge Fashion Center Mall, debuts the brand’s new kiosk format and will be located directly in front of the Apple store.

“Opening the first The Dolly Llama was the dream,” says Shomof. “Since that first day, the dream has continued to grow, change, and evolve to where we are today. The Dolly Llama doubling in size this summer is already thrilling, but the debut of our kiosk format will also broaden the possibilities for future Dolly Llama expansion.”  

The concept prides itself on their waffles, so much so that Baroux actually sent two of his France-based chefs to Belgium to become waffles masters and ensure that The Dolly Llama’s waffles reign supreme. They’re offered on the menu in four unique styles; OG Waffle, Waffle Stick, Bubble Waffle, and Bubble Waffle Jr. The Bubble Waffle hails from Hong Kong and is the No. 1 street food. Unlike regular waffles, the Bubble Waffle batter produces a unique crispy and custard-like texture that makes for a one-of-a-kind waffle experience.  

The menu begins with ‘Top Picks’ waffle & ice cream desserts like the Sugar N’ Spice, which can be ordered in a bubble waffle or OG Liege waffle, and features horchata ice cream, speculoos cookie, cinnamon toast crunch cereal, and a caramel sauce drizzle.  Other options include ice cream sandwiches, waffle sticks, and a ‘Build Your Own’ menu. Customers are encouraged to “go nuts” with the endless possibilities and combinations available at The Dolly Llama, which boasts unlimited toppings.  The first step is to choose the waffle and optional ice cream scoop, which is available in vanilla, chocolate, salted caramel, coffee, horchata, matcha green tea, or ultimate cookie monster.  Sauces come next with a selection including Nutella, maple syrup, peanut butter, milk and dark chocolate, caramel, white chocolate Matcha, sweetened condensed milk, and speculoos, followed by a list of more than 24 toppings ranging from fresh fruit to breakfast cereal.  

The Dolly Llama’s Signature Shakes are another over-the-top menu staple. Its namesake shake is a candy and cookie-lover’s dream made with Cookie Monster ice cream, whole milk, cocoa puffs, whipped cream, and sprinkled with M&M’s and topped with a Kinder chocolate bar.  The Dolly Llama also features chef-curated and customer inspired limited-time creations released in conjunction with holidays.

The Dolly Llama currently operates two locations in Downtown Los Angeles (611 S. Spring St) and Koreatown (273 S. Western Ave). 

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