LSI Industries said that the company has introduced a new Bluetooth motion sensor for outdoor lighting and indoor high bay lighting applications.  When paired with the company’s new Bluetooth configuration app, facility supervisors, and others responsible for property management, can easily use their mobile devices to program and manage their new LSI luminaires – regardless of weather conditions or physical obstructions.

“Our new Bluetooth senor and associated mobile app speak to our ongoing efforts to innovate and add value for our customers,” says Mike Prachar, Chief Marketing Officer of LSI Industries.  “We are excited to deliver another world-class product that will help our customers increase efficiencies, comply with applicable regulations and lower their energy costs.”  

The new app is designed to be simple and intuitive, giving users the ability to set up, test and configure their new LSI Bluetooth enabled motion and photocell sensors from their smart phones.  Unlike other programable motion sensors that require a separate piece of equipment to set up or modify their settings, LSI’s new Bluetooth motion sensor and app combination does not require any additional hardware or specialized tools.  With their mobile devices, users can enable motion and photocell controls, and set time delays, on their new LSI pole-mounted, wall-mounted and canopy luminaires, as well as their indoor high bay lights – enhancing visibility and safety while conserving energy and lowering costs. 

LSI’s new Bluetooth senor and app are compatible with, and available for, new orders of the company’s most popular LED products, including the Mirada MRM, Mirada MRL, Slice SLM, Mirada Wall XWM, Excursion, Vertex and the new Alliance Gen. 2 linear high bay luminaire.  Product specifications and data sheets are available in the products section of the company’s website at