Smart ordering system company Lunchbox announced their partnership with leading delivery management and optimization solution Otter. The newly established partnership will give restaurant owners an advantage in their online ordering and delivery business by helping them increase efficiency via automatically sending all their online orders straight to their Lunchbox ordering system. 

In one single tablet, restaurant owners and operators are able to sync and consolidate delivery platforms, ordering and data reporting via Otter — all within just a few clicks. With Lunchbox’s integration, the company’s pioneering first-party (or, “omnichannel”) ordering solutions will, too, be streamlined with all other operating services through the in-house Otter tablet. 

“Otter and Lunchbox were both created solely to make the lives of restaurateurs easier by streamlining the online restaurant experience,” says Nabeel Alamgir, CEO and co-founder of Lunchbox. “Out with the multiple tablets, chargers and spider web of cords and in with our sleek, best in class first-party online ordering solutions, applicable to clients nationwide via Otter’s consolidated single-tablet housing all ordering and delivery systems,” Alamgir explains.