Industry News | June 27, 2012

MAD Greens Sees Results from Online Hiring

MAD Greens, the Colorado-based fresh salad concept, is rolling with the changes after throwing the paper hiring process—and all the hassles that come with it—out the window.

Using the talent management program from PeopleMatter, a comprehensive HR platform designed for the service industry, MAD Greens tracked a 50 percent reduction in manager time spend during its new hiring and onboarding process—all in just nine months.

“We’re a growing company,” says Marley Hodgson, CEO and cofounder of 11-unit chain MAD Greens, “and we’re in that interesting place where we need to leverage our existing assets.”

Finding that the brand simply didn’t have the manpower to deal with hiring, scheduling, managing staff, and all the paper work that comes with it, Hodgson turned to PeopleMatter to establish one central, online location to input, process, and store all of its information.

By 2011, MAD Greens realized that its managers lacked not only the ability, but also the time to handle hiring and onboarding in an efficient and consistent way. So, beginning in July, it switched from a paper-based application process to PeopleMatter’s online program.

The program allows potential hires to submit applications online, which are then run through PeopleMatter’s Hire program to determine how well a candidate matches the employer’s criteria. With this platform, each employer can customize hiring criteria and even employ personality assessments to ensure that a candidate is the right fit for the brand and the position.

Hodgson, for example, created a personality assessment that tested whether an applicant has a good work ethic and a personable disposition. “We can teach people how to cook,” he says, “but you can’t teach people personality and that comfort and ease of dealing with people.”

After managers narrow down which candidates they’d like to interview—with the help of the program, which flags good and bad fits for the job—the platform automatically notifies candidates, who can then use the program to schedule an interview time that works best for them when the manager is available.

Managers then choose which candidate to hire and the program sends out an offer letter. If the candidate accepts, he or she can complete the onboarding process online.

Before implementing the PeopleMatter Hire program, it could take MAD Greens up to two weeks to complete the entire hiring and onboarding process. Hodgson says he noticed results immediately, some of which included cutting processing time down to three days and managers’ time spent on hiring in half.

Nate DaPore, president and CEO of PeopleMatter, notes that consistent hiring, and consistently hiring the best candidates possible, can have tangible bottom line results for a company. “If you start at the beginning and hire the right talent, it provides a lot of downstream benefits,” DaPore says.

For example, by having a hard-working staff that aligns with the company mission, restaurants can experience lower turnover and higher guest retention, thanks to relationships consumers form with employees.

In addition, PeopleMatter’s platform effectively taps into today’s workforce, which is mobile, social, and looking for engagement. “The old traditional mechanisms of paper and excel spreadsheets aren’t going to give that level of engagement and recognition,” DaPore explains, adding that the program also sets participating brands apart from their competition.

“Companies that are adopting talent management are really pulling away from the rest of the organizations that they’re benchmarked against,” he says. “They’re in their own quartile.”

By Mary Avant

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