Make and Take Gourmet (, signed a nationwide licensing and marketing agreement with Old Forge Pizza Express ( to co-brand and offer Old Forge Pizza Express bake-at-home pizza throughout Make and Take Gourmet’s network of stores. “Take and Bake” pizza is the fastest-growing trend in the U.S. pizza market. The roll out of Old Forge Pizza Express will take place within all of the current Make and Take Gourmet stores within the next few months. All new Make and Take Gourmet stores will be built out with Old Forge Pizza Express as part of their business.

The pizza is made to order for each individual customer. Customers then take the pizzas home to bake in just 8 to 10 minutes.

Make and Take Gourmet is designed to help families save valuable time and enjoy healthy, delicious dinners in the comfort of their own home. Make and Take Gourmet develops monthly menus; then shops, slices, and dices all necessary ingredients. Customers prepare meals from easy-to-follow recipes and then take them home to cook. Customers can also opt to have Make and Take Gourmet prepare their meals for them!

“Offering ‘take ‘n’ bake’ pizza is a great opportunity and idea,” says industry expert, Bert Vermeulen, founder of The Easy Meal Prep Association. “It is innovations like this that keep the meal prep industry booming.”