Industry News | February 16, 2011

Make-at-Home Jamba Smoothies Expand Across U.S.

Inventure Foods, a leading food manufacturer, will begin expansion of its licensed, make-at-home Jamba All Natural Smoothies to the East Coast and Midwest next month, resulting in full national distribution of the product line this year.

The new distribution will supplement the nearly 7,000 retail stores already selling Jamba All Natural Smoothies, including retailers on the West Coast and several national mass merchandisers.

Phoenix-based Inventure Foods launched the smoothie kit line under a license agreement with Jamba Juice Company in early 2010.  The Jamba-branded smoothie kits have quickly gained a loyal following with consumers through distribution in grocery, mass merchandisers, and club stores.

"In the brief period since we introduced Jamba All Natural Smoothies we've witnessed a tremendous level of interest from retailers and success with consumers," says Terry McDaniel, president and CEO of Inventure Foods.

"The speed at which distribution has grown underscores the popularity of the Jamba brand and the connection consumers have with a 'make-at-home' Jamba smoothie option. We're optimistic, based on our initial sales results in test markets, about its performance in new markets and we look forward to providing Jamba All Natural Smoothies to the rest of the country in the near future."

 The Jamba All Natural Smoothies line includes three of the smoothie brand's most popular varieties, including Razzmatazz, Mango-a-Go-Go, and Strawberries Wild, with plans to add a fourth flavor, Caribbean Passion, in the coming weeks.  

Jamba All Natural Smoothies contain whole frozen fruit, non-fat yogurt, and a Jamba Antioxidant Boost. They include no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, and no high-fructose corn syrup. Each $2.99 package makes two, 8 oz. smoothies.  Each 8 oz. serving provides 100% daily value of Vitamin C, a full serving of fruit, and is just 120 calories.

Inventure Foods plans to support new distribution with increased marketing and public relations efforts throughout 2011.

"To ensure success of the Jamba All Natural Smoothies expansion, we will support the brand with strong consumer and trade programs," says Steve Sklar, senior vice president of marketing for Inventure Foods.  "Jamba is a powerful brand, and we need to make consumers aware that our make-at-home, Jamba-branded smoothie kits are now available in the freezer section of their local supermarkets, mass merchandisers, and club stores."


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