Industry News | October 8, 2013

Mama Fu’s Menu Makeover to Feature Asian Street Food

As Mama Fu’s customers anticipate the upcoming seasonal release of the restaurant’s Black Market Menu on October 10, the chain will also launch system-wide updates to the regular menu on the same day. Updates will include new entrees, a new Asian Street Food category, as well as healthy kids’ menu items approved by the National Restaurant Association’s Kids LiveWell program.

Mama Fu’s released its first Black Market Menu in 2012, debuting the award-winning Banh Mi sandwich, which was permanently added to the restaurant’s menu after overwhelming success with consumers and critics. Mama Fu’s followed up with its next seasonal menu in the spring of 2013, topping the previous year’s success by adding three of the featured Black Market Menu items to the regular menu to be released on October 10: Spicy Seoul Stir Fry, Sichuan Kung Pao, and Korean Street Tacos.

The highly anticipated 2013 fall Black Market Menu will include a Miso Soup, Hoisin BBQ Ribs, Thai Fire Curry, Vietnamese Vermicelli, and a Tokyo Strip Steak.

“Our Black Market Menus give us an opportunity to showcase our culinary innovation and learn exactly what our customers are craving,” says Randy Murphy, CEO of Mama Fu’s. “As our culinary team continues to evolve our menu, we’re thrilled to be able to incorporate the most popular items permanently while also expanding into new categories and healthier options.”

Rounding out the new Mama Fu’s menu, the Asian fast-casual concept is also introducing new items to its Kids’ Menu. The new options come as the family-friendly Asian restaurant recognized the need for healthier dining options for children and began developing new items in their kitchen. New menu items will be listed with the National Restaurant Association’s Kids LiveWell dining guide. The Kids LiveWell program helps parents and children select healthy menu options when dining out.

“The Kids LiveWell initiative was a no brainer for us to embrace. It’s a great program that keeps restaurants committed to offering healthy and nutritionally balanced menu options for kids,” Murphy says. “There is a certain standard that must be met in order to be listed on the organization’s dining guide, and we are proud to hold a spot on that list.”

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