Mamoun’s Falafel, the oldest and largest Middle Eastern fast casual restaurant in North America, announced its new partnership with Cuisine Solutions, a worldwide leader in the sous-vide cooking method. Cuisine Solution’s sous-vide products are created by a team of award-winning chefs. This new partnership with Cuisine Solutions allows Mamoun’s standout menu items to be reproduced consistently across all restaurant locations throughout the country.

The sous-vide method was pioneered by Cuisine Solutions Chief Scientist Dr. Bruno Goussault in 1971 and has since grown into one of the most noteworthy innovations in the culinary industry. Sous-vide, French for “under-vacuum”, is a method of precision cooking in which food is vacuum-sealed and then submerged in a water bath at a constant low temperature. The process creates higher quality textures and flavors without compromising the food’s natural integrity.

“Integrating sous-vide was a strategic move for us,” says Hussam Chater, CEO of Mamoun’s Falafel. “We wanted to guarantee that our franchisees and customers would have the same recipes and flavors at any Mamoun’s location across the country.  With Cuisine Solutions, we have been able to preserve the traditional, proprietary recipes that have made our brand successful over the past 46 years, while at the same time, improving the consistency, stability, and flavor of our products.  Cuisine Solutions is an amazing organization with a very impressive resume.  We are very pleased to have found such a perfect supplier with which to partner.”

Mamoun’s Falafel was opened in 1971 as one of New York City’s first falafel restaurants. Since its opening in Greenwich Village, Mamoun’s has captured the hearts of thousands with their authentic menu and original family story.

“Working with Mamoun’s has been great for Cuisine Solutions for many reasons,” says Gerard Bertholon, chief strategy officer at Cuisine Solutions. “Mamoun’s pushes us to develop new techniques to recreate such complex flavors using simple ingredients. This was a big challenge for us. We are happy to be working with such an outstanding family as they continue to grow their business.”

The New York-based restaurant has been featured on the Food Network and visited and praised by famous musicians, actors, comedians, and other celebrities. Mamoun’s is currently looking for experienced multi-unit food service operators to develop franchise territories in major markets across the U.S. and internationally.

Fransmart serves as Mamoun’s exclusive franchise development partner and is the franchise development company behind the explosive growth of brands like Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

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