Manitowoc, a leader in innovation for commercial ice makers, launched a new generation of ice storage bins. Beginning January 2018, Manitowoc will begin shipping the new D-Series ice storage bins to replace the current B-Series bins.

The new D-Series bins have side grips molded into the bin door allowing easy access to the ice—no matter whether one stands in the front, right or left side of the bin. The bin door can be opened with one hand. The door is self-latching so the door stays in the open position when accessing the ice. 

Each D-Bin has an artic blue polyurethane liner with foam insulation. The door is foamed to reduce sweating on the door and to make the ice last longer in the bin. The ergo dynamic door is angled 53 degrees to allow for easier access to the ice in the bin, especially when scooping from the bottom.

The new D-Series bins are wrapped with DuraTech metal finish.  DuraTech is a unique aluminum alloy combining the aesthetic appeal of stainless steel with a higher corrosion resistance. DuraTech has a hard clear coat layer which reduces fingerprints and makes it easier to wipe clean and maintain. 

Manitowoc ice storage bins are certified by the Air-Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), a non-partisan independent trade group. AHRI validates that bin volume capacity is measured correctly for calculating the amount of ice that can be stored inside the bin. 

Each D-Bin is shipped with a new ergonomic NSF approved sanitary ice scoop.  The scoop design with a knuckle and thumb guard helps prevent hand contact with the ice. The unique molded retaining lip allows for maximum scooping every time. The per scoop capacity of the new scoop is approximately 5.3 lbs/2.4 kg per scoop.

The new D-Bin comes with a built-in scoop holder that keeps the ice scoop handle above the ice line, free from contamination.  For areas, where the ice scoop must be stored outside the bin, Manitowoc has developed an optional NSF approved external scoop holder.  The external scoop holder can be configured in seven different ways for maximum installation flexibility.

Manitowoc also offers a new optional, metal scoop with a knuckle and thumb guard that can hung inside the bin or be stored outside the bin in the optional external scoop holder.  

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