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    Marble Slab Prepares for Valentine's Day

  • Industry News February 2, 2009
    Marble Slab Creamery is offering customers a new way to celebrate Valentine's Day this year. The brand will celebrate the holiday with its signature Valentine's Heart ice cream cake. Marble Slab Creamery is managed by NexCen Franchise Management, Inc., a subsidiary of NexCen Brands, Inc.

    The Valentine's Heart Cake is featured with strawberry ice cream; however, customers can choose to customize cakes with any flavor of ice cream offered in stores. They also have the option to mix-in a variety of toppings, and personalize cakes with special Valentine's Day messages.

    "Our heart shaped cake allows customers to celebrate their special someone in a new and creative way," saays Jenn Johnston, senior vice president of brand marketing for NexCen Franchise Management.

    Recently, Marble Slab also introduced a new line of ice cream cakes and corresponding Tasty Creation ice cream combinations.

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