Marco’s Pizza has created two new desserts to tap into a summer flavor trend: s’mores. Marco’s S’mores Brownie and Double Chocolate Brownie are made with Ghirardelli chocolate chips, cocoa powder, and sauce, creating a decadent flavor profile that elevates these classic desserts. Just like the campfire treat, Marco’s S’mores Brownie is topped with toasted marshmallows, graham cracker sprinkle, and a drizzle of Ghirardelli chocolate sauce. The Double Chocolate Brownie is made with Ghirardelli chocolate chips and drizzled with Ghirardelli chocolate sauce. Both desserts will be introduced in June.

“Brownies and S’mores are both classic favorites, with S’mores being a big flavor trend for summer,” says Marco’s senior director of menu and culinary, Darren Gray. The thought was blending the two together would create the perfect union,” Gray says. “And using premium Ghirardelli chocolate makes our new brownies extra rich and delicious.”

Marco’s will introduce the two new desserts as a part of its Summer Savor promotion, focused on big flavors and big value during the summer.

The partnership between Marco’s and Ghirardelli on the brownie desserts was a natural fit. Both companies are American-based, but were founded by Italians. And both are focused on using the best ingredients. “Our chocolate is made from select cacao beans and is produced using a chocolate-making process that has been perfected over the past 160-plus years,” says Chris Eklem, Ghirardelli’s vice president of professional products. “By adhering to these exacting standards, our chocolate delivers a rich and intense flavor that consumers love. This contributes to the rich flavor of Marco’s brownies.”

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