Mars Air Systems, a creator of high-quality air curtains, kicked off its 50-year anniversary celebration by unveiling its refreshed and renewed branding, as well as launching its new product line, The Series 2.

Redesigned, re-engineered, and revamped to include slimmer units, The Series 2 features updated colors, such as matte black and spartan bronze, and a sleek new design that allows the units to blend in with various architectural designs.

With an extensive product line that can accommodate most door types and sizes, Mars Air Systems’ air curtains are designed to enhance work environments, while reducing overall energy consumption and maintaining air quality inside the building.

Typical applications include drive-up windows; concession stands in sports complexes; walk-in coolers, freezers, and kitchen receiving doors in restaurants; and customer entry doors, receiving doors, and loading dock doors in manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centers, cold storage facilities, hospitals, schools, and municipal buildings.

Designed to discharge a stream of air down through a door opening, Mars’ air curtains resist the infiltration of windborne dust, pollen, smoke, and flying insects while maintaining a building’s desired indoor temperatures.

Additional benefits derived from its use are: enhanced building sanitation levels, as well as increased employee productivity and morale through improved working conditions related to temperature control.

Mars air curtains boast an average return on investment of two years or less for typical installations.

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Mars unveiled a company-wide rebrand, which has given the company the opportunity to prepare for another successful half century with an updated mission statement and updated values aligned to company goals; a redesigned website with additional industry tools; and numerous other initiatives.

The next 50 years for Mars will be dedicated to further evolving its industry and expanding into additional global markets, while cultivating its relationships with representatives and distribution partners and developing additional mutually beneficial relationships with architects, engineers, and consultants who specify Mars’ products.