Marugame Udon, the world’s No. 1 udon concept, will celebrate the traditional Japanese Tsukimi harvest moon viewing Sept. 16 through Oct. 3 with a special udon bowl and haiku contest at all continental U.S. locations.

In Japan, Tsukimi brings people together to view the harvest moon, eat special foods, and recite poetry in the hopes of an abundant harvest. At Marugame Udon, the celebration will feature a Tsukimi Udon Bowl made with handmade Sanuki-style udon noodles, dashi broth and a traditional onsen egg for just $5.

“Tsukimi has been an important part of Japanese culture for centuries, and as a Tokyo-based restaurant, we want to celebrate with our guests and introduce them to this fall tradition,” says Marugame Udon Chief Operating Officer Pete Botonis. “Udon topped with an egg, then covered with broth, is closely associated with the celebration. Our Tsukimi Bowl is an authentic way to participate.” 

Because poetry is an important part of any Tsukimi celebration, Marugame will also hold an udon-themed haiku contest. Submissions, which will be accepted Sept. 16 through Oct. 3 via Marugame’s Instagram, must follow the traditional Japanese structure of five syllables in the first line, seven in the second line and five in the third line.

Winners will be selected on Oct. 15 and announced Oct. 22. The top prize is a $100 gift card. The winning haiku also will be made into a T-shirt that team members will wear in restaurants, and the winner will get a T-shirt release party for up to 10 people.

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