With the demand for fresher ideas and ingredients on the rise, Marugame Udon presents traditional Japanese Udon noodles prepared your way. The cafeteria styled, made-to-order Udon noodles restaurant concept will debut on September 14 at Noon (PST) in the Japantown neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Marugame Udon is the No. 1 UDON noodles restaurant chain in the world as of April 1, 2017. There are 778 stores in Japan, 186 stores across 13 countries.

Marugame Udon specializes in authentic Sanuki Udon, which differs from similar Japanese Udon noodles in its taste and texture. To create these noodles, Marugame Udon is equipped with an original, Japanese-imported machine that mimics traditional methods to efficiently knead the flour, every day and on-demand. The recipe continues with a delicate aging process with controlled temperatures then stored to maintain freshness. Our soups are cooked by hand and freshly prepared every day.

Every dish is made-to-order in a beautiful open kitchen every day. Udon noodles are fresh kneaded, cut, boiled and cooked right in front of you. Upon receiving the Udon noodles, guests are directed to the fresh fried Tempura station (Chicken, Fish, Shrimp, Squid, many kinds of Vegetables) to fully customize the Udon noodles with choices from Rice Bowls, Drinks and a diverse array of complimentary toppings.

The price starts at $4.50 for Regular Udon noodles, $2.90 for Rice Bowl and $1.00 for Tempura, which is very affordable in adventurous Los Angeles food scene. Complimentary toppings (green onions, tempura flakes, gingers, various sauces) are also available.

“Marugame Udon is presenting traditional Japanese cuisine in an entirely new light and bringing this to the forefront,” said Jun Goto, President and CEO of Toridoll Dining California, LLC/ Marugame Udon USA, LLC. “We’re excited to combine authentic flavors without sacrificing individuality.”

To celebrate the Grand Opening, Marugame Udon will offer special promotions such as $1 Kake Udon Regular size (1 for 1 person) and $10 gift card for the first 100 arrivals.

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