As Americans prepare to tune in to the Tokyo Summer Games, they can experience Japan’s rich culinary and cultural heritage with a little help from Marugame Udon, the world’s No. 1 udon concept, and Lupe Fiasco.

Lupe Fiasco is known, along with his music, fashion and other entrepreneurial pursuits, for his love of Japanese culture and food – especially at Marugame Udon, both in Tokyo and stateside. In collaboration with Say What Media — the same studio behind the popular Lupe & Royce Show podcast — he will feature Marugame on IGTV on July 30 talking about his experiences in Japan and at Marugame, which he says offers an authentic taste of Tokyo.

“Japanese culture is fascinating and rich, and I love immersing myself in it through martial arts and of course the food,” Fiasco says. “Marugame has stayed true to its roots and serves up completely authentic udon and other dishes – I feel like I’m in Tokyo whenever I go in for a meal.”

Based out of Tokyo with U.S. locations in Hawaii, California and Texas, Marugame Udon specializes in authentic, handmade Japanese Sanuki-style udon noodles, along with fresh tempura, robata grill and katsu sandos, all made in a lively, theatrical open kitchen.

“Our partnership with The Lupe Fiasco is a fun way to showcase how accessible and enjoyable authentic Japanese food is,” adds Marugame Udon Chief Operating Officer Pete Botonis. “As the world focuses on Tokyo for the Summer Games, we think it’s a great time to celebrate and experience the rich culinary tradition of udon and our deep roots in Japan with our Taste of Tokyo event.”

July 23 thru August 8, guests who sample their choice of five different menu items and have their Taste of Tokyo card punched for each one will receive a coupon for a free bowl of udon on a future visit. Some recommended options include:

Curry Nikutama – Marugame’s best-selling Nikutama Udon served with seasoned sweet beef and soft egg in a curry sauce

Kitsune– Original Kake Udon topped with Abura-age (sweet fried tofu)

Chicken Teriyaki Bowl – House-made sweet mirin glaze on our big chicken katsu, served with a choice of steamed rice or udon noodles, topped with chopped scallions and toasted sesame seeds

Harumaki ­– “All Day Breakfast” crispy Japanese spring roll stuffed with scrambled egg, grated cheese, diced griddled SPAM® and scallions

Quart Tea –Bubble Gum Green or Ginger Berry Oolong made especially for Marugame Udon

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