Industry News | September 4, 2012

Maui Wowi Brews Up New Coffee for Fall

Maui Wowi is brewing something new for fall: the Maui Mountain Roast, a limited-time fresh Hawaiian coffee.

The bold-tasting blend will be available at participating Maui Wowi Hawaiian locations by mid-September and will continue through the fall months.

"We wanted to bring a new type of coffee roast that both our routine coffee drinkers would enjoy and our palatable connoisseurs would appreciate," says Erin Hicks, executive vice president at Maui Wowi Hawaiian. "I believe we've accomplished this with the Maui Mountain Roast. This LTO provides our customers with something exotic and flavorful, without the cost of a trip to the Hawaiian islands."

Maui Mountain Roast is a premium coffee with subtle hints of wildberry and an earthy finish. The blend stands out from others in the Hawaiian coffee line at Maui Wowi, a company which also specializes in healthy fresh fruit smoothies.

Customer favorites, such as the lighter Kona blend and darker Molokai, all include the prestigious coffee beans grown on the Hawaiian Islands, with the new Maui Mountain Roast being no exception, featuring coffee beans from the island of Maui.

"The Hawaiian-grown coffee beans are something that is revered in the industry as one of the most premium coffees in the world," Hicks says. "Maui Wowi has the ability to bring that unique coffee to the Mainland so our customers can delight in its quality and premium taste profile."

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