Industry News | April 4, 2014

Maui Wowi Helps Business Owner Diversify with Franchise Agreement

Maui Wowi Hawaiian granted an Empire Franchise Agreement to Lisa Giacobbe, an independent business woman with her sights set on building Maui Wowi’s presence in Maryland.

Giacobbe’s entrepreneurial fire pushed her and her husband Ivane to start their own commercial cleaning business nearly 13 years ago. Taking their futures into their own hands, they grew the company by leaps and bounds and turned it into a sell-sufficient operation.

“The business is pretty much taking care of itself, which gives us an opportunity to expand our horizons and look for other things to do,” Giacobbe says. “Going into the franchise business with Maui Wowi is the perfect fit for us.”

Intrigued by the company’s Hawaiian atmosphere and theme, Giacobbe says she took steps to move forward in the process and found guidance and support awaited her. As she began visiting store locations, trying the products, and talking with existing franchisees, Giacobbe says, she realized her future was decided.

“The opportunity to work with a group of people that enjoy every aspect of their company is going to be amazing. The fun, relaxing atmosphere and growth potential made Maui Wowi a perfect choice for us,” she says.

Giacobbe says she will implement the same principles she used in her first business to grow her Maui Wowi franchise and become a diversified business owner.

Originally interested only in the brick-and-mortar retail model of the business, a trip to the company headquarters for Discovery Day brought her and her husband face-to-face with the possibilities associated with the mobile event cart business model.

“We really like the flexibility because you can have the storefront, you can go to events, and you can do catering; so there are a lot of choices with what we can do with our business,” she says.

As they begin ramping up, they plan to take full advantage of the different models by using the cart at events around the community. The goal will be to drive traffic and build a customer following for the store as it is being built. Running multiple units simultaneously and growing the business, Giacobbe says she hopes to eventually expand throughout Maryland. 

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