Industry News | December 7, 2012

Maui Wowi Recruits New York Franchisees

Maui Wowi Hawaiian, an international franchise company specializing in all-natural fresh-fruit smoothies and premium coffee from the Hawaiian Islands, welcomes two self-professed workaholics as its newest franchisees from Massapequa Park, New York.

Massapequa Park is a village located along the south shore of Long Island. Joseph and Nicole Marsh are energized and eager to leave behind their corporate past and begin their future devoting their time to a business they believe in and can finally call their own.

“We wanted the ability to work together in a business where we can call our own shots and make our own schedules,” says Joseph Marsh. “The business is going to drive a lot of that, but at least it’s our own. It’s not somebody else’s and that’s what we’re excited about.”

The Marsh’s are entering this new chapter of their lives with the same tenacity that they have pursued since they married and began a family together 13 years ago.

With their three children by their side, Joseph and Nicole are determined to build a successful business that they hope will provide future opportunities for their family.

“We love our family, and believe that the Maui Wowi ‘Ohana will be an extension of that,” says Nicole Marsh. “We reached out to a lot of existing franchise owners and had some great conversations, which has further fueled our excitement.”

Nicole Marsh has a strong background in advertising, as well as an MBA in international marketing. Her friendly demeanor is proudly displayed when talking face-to-face with clients and customers, while her professional skills show her dedication and drive to succeed.

Joseph Marsh shares those same qualities, as well as an analytical mind that helps him see the details and inner workings of the big picture. His extensive experience in IT has bestowed him with an excellent work ethic that he is ready to employ as a Maui Wowi franchise operator.

Joseph and Nicole Marsh were granted an Empire Agreement, allowing them to operate up to 10 units that can include mobile event carts, fixed kiosks, and fixed retail.

Hitting the ground running, their vision is to begin their business with both fixed retail and mobile units, as their list of possibilities continues to evolve.

“Knowing that we have the support of such a strong, open system, and having the ‘Ohana on our side, it would be an understatement to say that our confidence level is high,” says Joseph Marsh. 

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