Maui Wowi to Sponsor Kona Coffee Festival

    Industry News | October 24, 2007
    Maui Wowi Hawaiian announced today that it has signed on as a Kona Extra Fancy Sponsor of the 37th Annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, Hawaii’s oldest and most successful product festival. In addition to helping make possible the many tastings, tours, workshops, and other events of the U.S.'s only coffee festival, Maui Wowi Hawaiian is honoring the festival by pouring Mountain Thunder coffee-—one of the top brands of 100 percent genuine Kona coffee-—in many of its locations nationwide.

    “For 179 years, coffee from the Kona region of the big island of Hawaii has thrilled the taste buds of coffee lovers around the world,” says Vicki Ocken, director of marketing for Maui Wowi Hawaiian. “As a leading retailer of authentic, all-natural Hawaiian products, Maui Wowi Hawaiian is adding to the excitement of the festival through its financial sponsorship, as well as through our Maui Wowi Ohana by offering fresh-brewed Mountain Thunder coffee for the first time.”

    Previously, Maui Wowi Hawaiian has sold Mountain Thunder products only in their packaged form. Mountain Thunder coffee, from Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation on Mount Hualalai on Hawaii’s big island, is a prime example of the world-class flavor found in genuine Kona beans. Kona’s mild acidity, nutty sweetness, and medium-to-light body is world-renowned, placing it atop the list of varieties preferred by coffee lovers.

    Maui Wowi Hawaiian’s Mountain Thunder promotion at participating locations November 2-11 allows customers to participate in the fun of the 37th Annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival held on the big island. Nearly 50 events attract thousands of attendees during the famous ten-day festival. An art show, outdoor concert, coffee workshops, two parades, and tours of working and historical Kona coffee farms, mills and roasting operations are just some of the activities scheduled.

    A number of competitions also take place at the festival, including a cupping (tasting) competition, recipe contest, coffee picking contest, and the Miss Kona Coffee Pageant. For the last seven years, Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation has been chosen as the official master roaster and master miller for the cupping contest. It also serves as master of ceremony for the competition.

    Kona coffee is among the most carefully-tended gourmet coffees on the planet. Because Kona beans grow only on the rocky slopes of the Big Island’s volcanic Western shore, they cannot be harvested with mechanical equipment. They must be hand-picked, assuring that each bean is taken at the peak of ripeness. In addition to their extremely consistent quality, Kona beans are known for their heady aroma and complex, winey and spicy taste.

    The Kona region is home to roughly 600 independent coffee plantations, producing just more than 2 million pounds of coffee beans each year. To learn more about the 37th Annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, visit

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