Industry News | December 10, 2012

Maui Wowi Surfs into Southern California

Maui Wowi Hawaiian, a tropical island-themed franchise concept serving fresh Hawaiian-grown coffee and all-natural smoothies, embodies the Aloha spirit and laidback lifestyle that its newest franchise operator has lived and breathed all her life.

Maui Wowi welcomes Pa 'Akai Ventures, operated by Jenna Roberts, to join the company's growing West Coast presence as a new franchisee in El Cajon, California, near San Diego.

"My dad and I have been talking about opening a coffee shop together and doing something that would allow us to surf every day, work together, and just be happy," Roberts says. "It's incredible that this is all happening."

Growing up in Southern California, Roberts was fascinated by the surf stories from her father as he spoke of the beautiful blue waters and "insane waves" that he grew up with as he chased his dreams in Hawaii.

Her father's enthusiasm and love for the ocean resonated with Roberts so much that she eventually moved to the islands to experience it for herself. Roberts relocated to Hawaii in 2004, where she was active in competitive cheerleading and surfing. 

After eight years on the island, Roberts has returned to the West Coast and joined her family as they embark on a new adventure together with Maui Wowi. 

"It's amazing to be able to work with your family," she says. "I love my family, and they have been so supportive of me over the years. If I'm going to work hard, it's so much better to be able to work hard for something that benefits the whole family."

Pursuing her future and opening the doors to new opportunities with the Maui Wowi franchise concept is now a reality. Roberts and her family plan to share their love of Hawaii with the San Diego area by operating multiple mobile units called Ka'anapali Carts, named after the Maui beach community.

Roberts says their ultimate dream is to have a successful Maui Wowi event business, where they can be close to the beach and surf every day.

With the support of a proven system as her board, she and her family plan on riding the wave of a liftetime together.

"It's just nice to have someone say, 'Here's what's going to work, here's what's not going to work. Let me help you be successful,'" she says. "If it's something you really believe in, then you should go for it. It can seem like it's so far out of reach and it can seem a little intimidating, but just hold on tight and enjoy the ride."

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