Maxie’s Delicatessen, a little-known gem of a Jewish deli founded in 1993, is approaching its 30-year anniversary of serving patrons a collection of the top knishes, breakfast meals, sandwiches and deli meats. Where friends meet to eat and traditions are celebrated.

“Maxie’s aims to deliver high quality, large portioned food, while at the same time, preserving tradition” says Steve Robbins, co-founder and operator. “All of our food is made from scratch and comes in great portion sizes. It’s all about providing the highest quality meals while ensuring people have a great experience.”

Maxie’s Delicatessen is not only focused on having the best deli food in the area, but wants to provide value to those looking for a place to celebrate with their friends and family. A keen focus on tradition and preserving memories.

“It has always been a place of tradition. Not just through celebration, but by preserving historic recipes that have ultimately been forgotten about” said Joyce Ann Silva, partner and co-founder. “It’s vital to us that we allow our patrons to rediscover, or discover for some, high quality knishes, matzo soup, deli meats, and even pickles.”

Maxie’s Deli, founded in 1993, continues to push the limits of tradition and deli food to serve the people in its community. With its focus on preserving Jewish tradition through food, Maxie’s is truly a one of a kind deli for everyone to get a taste of history.

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