McAlister’s is debuting a number of innovative additions while celebrating its 20th year of operation.

The most recognizable changes are the redesign of its distinctive menu boards and the addition of several new menu items.

McAlister’s Deli continues to hold true to its themes of choice, variety, and value with the unveiling of the “Choose Any Two” option. Guests can now select two menu items from a choice of any half sandwich, wrap or panini, a cup of any soup or chili, half of any salad or half of any spud for just $5.99.

Building on its heritage of choice, McAlister’s will also be introducing the “Be Choosey” offering, a build-your-own sandwich where guests can select meat, cheese and unlimited spreads and toppings for just $5.99 as well. All new menu items will be available systemwide by the end of April.

“Our new menu offerings and campaigns are getting rave reviews in test markets for taste, value, quality and – most importantly – a higher level of guest intent for return visits,” says McAlister’s Deli president and CEO Phil Friedman. “Our research showed that our guests loved our huge menu and all the choices available but that they wanted even more freedom to pick and choose. Each item was specifically selected to provide our guests with choice and variety as well as an excellent value proposition. During a time when everyone is trying to save money without compromising quality, I think we’ve achieved just that.”

McAlister’s Deli is also excited about the introduction of melamine plate ware and flatware to be used throughout the system’s nearly 300 locations.

According to chief operating officer Ken Green, the plastic baskets with paper liners and black plastic plates that were traditionally used for dine-in guests will be replaced with reusable plates and flatware to provide guests with a more upscale dining experience while also signaling the beginning of McAlister’s efforts to reduce the company’s environmental impact.

Approximately 45 restaurants are offering plate ware and flatware for all dine-in items but Green hopes to have every McAlister’s location following suit by year’s end.