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    McDonald's To Add 50K to Its McFamily

  • Industry News April 4, 2011

    McDonald's and its franchisees are looking to hire up to 50,000 new crew and restaurant management positions at restaurants across the country during a hiring event on April 19.  

    The one-day event will seek to bring in and hire a combination of both full- and part-time positions in close to 14,000 U.S. restaurants.

    "Our restaurant employees are the foundation of our business. They are the men and women who interact with our customers every day, enhance the McDonald's experience, and continue to help make our business strong," says Jan Fields, president, McDonald's USA. "Our national hiring event is an opportunity to invite more people across the country to join our team and learn that a McJob is one with career growth and endless possibilities."

    For a more detailed snapshot on the national hiring event, McDonald's drew on research extrapolated from McDonald's company-owned restaurants and compiled by Dr. Dennis Tootelian, who studies business trends and policy at the Center for Small Business at California State University, in Sacramento. His research, which estimates the potential impact of this additional hiring, presents a compelling argument for the value of fast food, and specifically McDonald's, to the U.S. economy.

    The investment around the target hiring of 50,000 employees is estimated that:

    • McDonald's and its franchisees will spend more than $518 million more in wages and salaries in the coming year, an average of more than $1.4 million every day.
    • More than $41.5 million in training will be invested in the company's new workforce, instilling life-long business and customer service skills, as well as setting employees up for success in current and future opportunities.
    • The addition of 50,000 potential hires translates into $54 million more in payroll taxes contributed to the broader economy.
    • Using a statistical multiplier effect, 50,000 new workers will generate almost $1.4 billion in annual spending – more than $3.5 million per day.


    Those interested in applying for an available position are encouraged to visit their participating local McDonald's location or apply online at