Industry News | February 27, 2012

McDonald's Awards Lucky Customer $25,000

To celebrate McDonald's French Fries, the company called upon consumers to share the special moments in their lives they want paired with a side of the world famous fries by hosting the "You Want McDonald's Fries With That" Contest and Weekly Sweepstakes .

After encouraging consumers to share what they want McDonald's Fries with and receiving more than 50,000 entries, McDonald's is awarding Jean Davis of Mt. Pulaski, Illinois, a $25,000 cash prize.

Jean plans to use her cash prize to make her dream of sending herself, along with local underprivileged teenage youth, to a summer work camp in Pennsylvania, providing fellowship and free home repair to elderly, disabled, and low-income families come true.

"I can't believe I won $25,000 in a contest celebrating my favorite thing from McDonald's – their fries!" Davis says. "Thanks to McDonald's, I'll be able to use this $25,000 to truly make a difference in the lives of both the kids and families we service at camp, which is no small potato."

On Nov. 11, 2011, McDonald's kicked off the “You Want McDonald's Fries With That” Contest, which cued thousands of creative responses from McDonald's loyal fans celebrating the moments in life made even better with a side of McDonald's French Fries.

A panel of judges selected five semi-finalists and awarded each a $500 McDonald's Arch Card. An open consumer vote along with the overall judged score from a panel of judges determined Jean Davis as the contest winner.

In addition to the contest, McDonald's offered a "You Want McDonald's Fries With That" Weekly Sweepstakes, where 40 lucky winners were each awarded a $50 Arch Card throughout a 13-week drawing period.

McDonald's USA serves more than 26 million customers every day. Nearly 90 percent of McDonald's 14,000 U.S. restaurants are independently owned and operated by local business men and women.


They never said what Jean suggested she wanted her fries with! That was the only reason I read the story.

Even better, Ms. Davis is using the money to help other people. I don't know if Ms. Davis is a Christian, but she sure is spending this money like Jesus would. Great job, Jean! I was THRILLED to read that you were putting this prize to good use. FINALLY, somebody realized that it's not all about serving themself!

Yeah, nice story but what was her winning submission?

Agreed left out the most important part of the article so appears to be just more McD's PR vs. anything of real interest - wont' read again a McD article.

How could this writer even publish this without the core item! Unless of course- some marketing geek planned it this way so everyone would buzz about how silly it was not to mention the winning item and make us all wait for part 2 of the story -Hopefully it was an innocent oversight and YES - God Bless Jean Davis for her "giving" attitude. Highly respectable!!!!

You want fries with....what?

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