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    McDonald's Corporate Responsibility Report Highlights

  • Industry News October 29, 2008
    McDonald's Corp. released its fourth Corporate Responsibility Report, themed "Responsible food for a sustainable future." The report unveils McDonald's progress in six key areas: governance and ethics, environmental responsibility, nutrition and well-being, sustainable supply chain, employment experience, and community.

    Highlights include:

    - Environmental responsibility -- focus on energy efficiency, sustainable packaging, waste management and green restaurant design

    - Environmental Scorecard for McDonald's suppliers to measure and reduce their water, energy, air and waste impact

    - Sustainable fish supply -- in 2007, more than 91 percent of fish for McDonald's originated from sustainable fisheries

    - Rainforest Protection Policy -- in place since 1989, commitment to refuse beef sourced from rainforest areas

    - Evolution of nutrition information disclosure which began in 1973 -- completed rollout of Nutrition Information Initiative

    - Workplace recognition -- recognized by the Great Place to Work Institute in over 30 countries where we operate

    "At McDonald's, continuously improving our social and environmental performance is a key component of our continued success as a company and central to our commitment to using our size and scope to make the world a better place," says McDonald's CEO Jim Skinner.

    The report also includes significant milestones and metrics including:

    - Green building leadership -- green restaurants currently in Sweden and the U.S., and more under construction in France, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Canada

    - Impact on local economies due to investments in new and existing McDonald's restaurants -- $1.9 billion

    - Percent of consumer packaging made from renewable materials -- 82 percent

    - Energy management tools including energy audits, equipment fire-up schedules, and Energy Management Systems

    "Credibility is only achieved if you get things done, demonstrate transparency, highlight challenges and opportunities, report on key performance indicators and critically assess your progress," says Bob Langert, McDonald's vice president of Corporate Social Responsibility. "We have attempted to meet all these expectations with this report."