Industry News | October 3, 2011

McDonald's Finally Arrives in Trinidad & Tobago

Woods Staton, president and CEO of Arcos Dorados, the largest operator of McDonald's restaurants in Latin America and the largest McDonald’s franchisee in the world; and Milagros Bermúdez, market manager of Trinidad and Tobago, officially opened the country’s first McDonald’s restaurant at one of the most popular shopping centers in the Caribbean, The Falls at West Mall.

Almost 100 employees have already been already hired in the new market for positions of management, staff, and crew. And the process of recruitment continues, Staton said during the private ceremony held on Thursday night. “We are providing great job opportunities for the people of Trinidad and Tobago, with unmatched training and development and many opportunities for career advancement,” Staton said. 

Staton also emphasized the substantial investment that Arcos Dorados is making in the new operation in Trinidad, and the importance of having a long and mutually rewarding relationship with McDonald’s customers, employees, suppliers, and the national community. “Coming to Trinidad was an important step for us and we only took it after rigorous research,” Staton said.

Arcos Dorados’ relationship with the countries in which it operates goes beyond business, and Trinidad & Tobago is not an exception. “We believe that a ‘good neighbor’ not only operates in a given community, but also works to make it better,” Staton said. “In keeping with that commitment, Arcos Dorados supports programs that promote childhood development through health, education and sports initiatives.”

During the opening, Staton presented a donation of US $10,000 to the Just Because Foundation, represented by Noel Joseph, CEO and cofounder of the organization. The donation will support the JBF Pediatric Specialty Unit, a multi-disciplinary, family-centered children’s ward located at the Wendy Fitzwilliam Pediatric Hospital at Mount Hope. The Just Because Foundation is a local non-profit founded by Noel Joseph and his wife in honor of their son Jabez “JB” Joseph, and is dedicated to improving the quality of life for seriously ill children and their families.

In addition, the celebration of the first McHappy Day in Trinidad & Tobago on November 18 was announced. During the campaign this year, the total sales of Big Mac sandwiches will be donated to the Just Because Foundation as well. “McHappy Day is a community campaign that involves our employees, our customers, our neighbors, local celebrities, and authorities. I take this opportunity to make a call to action, so that we can effectively impact the treatment of seriously ill children,” Staton said.


WE are pleased to have such a large frachise in T&T. This is certainly alleviating the variety and world-class quality of foods people can afford and relish. Try to keep the standard of service and menu high, as travelled persons would expect.I patronize Mc Donalds a lot in Toronto. I wish you a long stay.Chatts.

I am an avid proponent of McDonald's because McDonald's always brings many more things to a community that great quality food and wonderful ambiance. McDonald's also brings training of the highest callibre to its employees and it is always involved in helping the communities where it is located. I have read about and personally seen and experienced what Mr. Woods Staton has done for other communities in Latin America. It is exemplary and one that should be emulated by all major companies around the globe.I love T&T and wish your wonderful country more and more success and prosperity.

Thank you for coming to Trinidad - it brings back memories of my home country (Philippines) where every where is McDonald's (McDo). My children are very excited to see McDonald's and I am happy to see big smiles on their faces.... welcome once again.

I am a Tobagonian and have a buisness I would like to introduce you to to open a Mc Donalds in Tobago there is lot of parking space and land space so thay a play area can be setup for children I am sure the citizens of Tobago will welcome you and most of all the children I can be contacted @ 721 5518 my nane is Angela Guy Thompson and the property is located at Mt Pleasant just off the Shirvan I will email you some pictures of the building

You are INSANE !! McDonalds food is straight poison, what r u trying to kill your children ?? Your selves?? Don't u see what it did to American children? They r obese, diabetes dying young?? McDonalds is the beginning of the end once u get one in Tobago u r ruined@!!! Leave Tobago pure open ur eyes and educate urself

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