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    McDonald's Global Comparable Sales Rise in July

  • Industry News August 10, 2009
    McDonald's Corporation announced that global comparable sales rose 4.3 percent in July. Also, U.S. comparable sales went up 2.6 percent; Europe’s rose 7.2 percent; and Asia/Pacific, Middle East, and Africa went up 2.1 percent.

    "We remain aligned behind our customer-focused Plan to Win, which continues to drive positive global comparable sales as we satisfy customers' demands for menu variety, value, and convenience," says McDonald’s CEO Jim Skinner.

    U.S. comparable sales rose 2.6 percent in July on top of strong prior-year growth primarily due to new products, including McCafe espresso-based coffees, and the continued strength of McDonald's core menu.

    In Europe, strong sales growth in France, the U.K., and many other markets drove comparable sales up 7.2 percent. McDonald's tiered-menu approach complemented by popular local summertime offerings drove Europe's results.

    Comparable sales in Asia/Pacific, Middle East, and Africa increased 2.1 percent due to Australia's ongoing momentum, partly offset by China. A focus on relevant menu choices, value, and longer operating hours contributed to sales in this area of the world.

    Systemwide sales declined 0.3 percent due to the negative impact of foreign currency translation, but were up 6.2 percent in constant currencies.
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