McDonald’s congratulates NASA Astronaut and former McDonald’s restaurant crew employee, Commander Leroy Chiao on a successful mission in outer space. Dr. Chiao returned to Earth at 6:08 p.m. EDT on Sunday, April 24, 2005, in Kazakhstan, former USSR Republic, after conducting six months of scientific research aboard the International Space Station.

Upon his return to Earth, McDonald’s will present Dr. Chiao the flagship Big Mac sandwich and French fries in Star City, Russia approximately 40 miles outside of Moscow. The McDonald’s meal will be one of the first meals on Earth Dr. Chiao will enjoy in nearly 200 days.

“McDonald’s applauds the accomplishments of Dr. Leroy Chiao,” says Mike Roberts, president and chief operating officer, McDonald’s Corporation. “Through his success with NASA, Dr. Chiao has expanded the world’s knowledge and opened new doors to discovery. McDonald’s is proud to celebrate the achievements of past and present crew members from around the world.”

At age sixteen, Dr. Chiao’s first job was as a McDonald’s crew member in Walnut Creek, California.

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