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    McDonald's Hosts Consumer Product Safety Conference

  • Industry News June 22, 2001
    McDonald's Corporation (NYSE: MCD) will host the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) first "Product Safety Circle Conference and Expo'' on June 26, 2001, at Hamburger University, McDonald's Conference Center, in Oak Brook, Illinois. More than 100 companies will attend the conference to showcase new safety technology and collaborate on practices that result in the manufacture and sale of safer products.

    CPSC Chairman Ann Brown will deliver the keynote speech on ``Sharing Safety: It's Good Business.'' Alan Feldman, President and Chief Operating Officer of McDonald's, the Americas, will open the conference with an address on "High Technology Testing: On the Cutting Edge of Injury Prevention.''

    Other panelists and speakers at the conference include former U.S. Senator Howard Metzenbaum, Chairman of the Consumer Federation of America; Mark Schwab, President and Chief Executive Officer of Binney and Smith; and Stuart Jenkins, President and Chief Executive Officer of Skydex Technologies, Inc.

    The PSC conference also provides participants with the opportunity to view more than 20 exhibits, including full, interactive demonstrations of "McBaby,'' a one-of-a-kind, life-like mannequin which is accompanied by a computerized "Virtual Child.''

    The high-tech, multi-million dollar "McBaby'' simulates breathing to identify potential product safety issues better than any technology yet devised. McDonald's has loaned "McBaby'' to the CPSC. "McBaby'' was developed by RAM Consulting for McDonald's toy safety program.

    This is a free, public event open to media and other interested parties. A list of expected attendees and exhibitors is posted at the CPSC website: .

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