McDonald’s Ty® Teenie Beanie Babies (TM) are returning to McDonald’s on Wednesday, October 25 for a special limited-time-only promotion. Called the American Trio collection, the three Teenie Beanie Babies (TM) will be available in limited quantities at restaurants nationwide.

The American Trio collection of Lefty (TM) the Donkey, Libearty (TM) the Bear, and Righty (TM) the Elephant will be available for a recommended price of $2.49 each with the purchase of a regularly priced menu item while supplies last or through November 9.

“The American Trio collection of Teenie Beanies is a great opportunity for everyone to celebrate the the upcoming election,” said R.J. Milano, vice president of U.S. Marketing for McDonald’s.

For the first time in McDonald’s history, a Teenie Beanie Babies program will not center on a Happy Meal promotion, and will be conducted separately.”Teenie Beanies have been extremely successful for McDonald’s,” said Milano. “With the American Trio collection available in limited quantities, we expect this program to do very well.”

The three American Trio toys were first introduced as full-sized Ty® Beanie Babies® in 1996, to coincide with the 1996 presidential election. Considered highly sought after by collectors, the full-sized versions of these toys can be difficult to find. The teenie versions of the three all boast new poems, birthdates and introduction dates.

Ty Inc. is the largest manufacturer and marketer of plush toys worldwide. Ty products include Ty Classic (TM) plush, Attic Treasures (TM), Beanie Kids TM), Beanie Buddies (TM), as well as the collectible Beanie Babies®, which were reintroduced in February 2000. Ty products are sold in finer retail stores and are easily recognizable by the world-famous red Ty heart logo.

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