What do Emmy Award winner Jason Sudeikis, TikTok star Khaby Lame, K-pop sensation ITZY, and Twitch streamer Edwin Castro have in common?

Along with billions of global fans, they all ask the universally recognized question: “Wanna go to McDonald’s?”

The McDonald’s FIFA 2022 campaign plays on the undeniable, universal fan truth — people across the globe all have McDonald’s in common. Football — or soccer if you like — is the world’s favorite sport, and McDonald’s is a superfan. Our brand believes in the power of the pitch to unite people from all walks of life. No matter the color of the kit or the size of the stadium, we’re all here for the love of the “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!” That’s why we’re excited to bring fans together as a FIFA World Cup sponsor.

For the 2022 tournament, we’re rolling out our largest global campaign to date, “Wanna go to McDonald’s?” — a global celebration of the FIFA World Cup that engages fans around the world, united by their shared love of football and McDonald’s. This new, social-first campaign is dedicated to all the ups and downs that go along with being a fan of the Beautiful Game — reminding us that whether it’s victory or loss, joy or heartbreak, McDonald’s is the world’s favorite place to come together

“Morgan Flatley, our Global Chief Marketing Officer, says, “The reason our global McDonald’s System is excited about this campaign is because it just feels so true for our fans. While we may all root for different teams this World Cup, what we can all agree on is that every celebration is a little bit sweeter with McDonald’s World Famous Fries, and every missed goal or yellow card stings just a little less when you’re enjoying a Big Mac.”

This will mark the first time that more than 75 of our markets around the world are launching the same campaign at the same time. The magic of this global approach is that it invites a world of McDonald’s football fans to rally together through a unifying activation, while allowing them to experience the tournament in ways unique to their local cultures.

The global campaign will be anchored by a short hero film that highlights the many things our fans share. Featuring ten languages and four dialects, the film brings together an international array of football and McDonald’s superfans.

These Micky-D’s lovers include six-time Emmy Award winner Jason Sudeikis; the #1 TikTok star in the world Khaby Lame; K-pop sensation ITZY; top EA Sports FIFA Twitch streamer Edwin Castro. The spot, directed by Academy Award nominee Darius Marder (Sound of Metal) and Emmy Award winner Alan Yang (Parks and RecreationMaster of None), was shot in four locations across the world to ensure every scene felt unique and authentic to the fans it represented.

Jason Sudeikis shared his tie to the brand: “I’ve had my fair share of full English breakfasts and fancy Manhattan brunches, but if I had to choose one way to start my morning or end my late night, I’m picking the Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit from McDonald’s every single time.”

ITZY was drawn to the spirit of the campaign — how McDonald’s is the birthplace of so many happy memories. “When I was a kid, on Sundays after church I would always go to McDonald’s to get a Happy Meal,” says ITZY’s Lia.

Khaby — famously wordless in his TikTok content — was excited to break his silence for the brand. “Growing up, McDonald’s was always a treat for my brothers and me. I remember we used to goof around and play football in the parking lot. And the thing I love most about McDonald’s to this day — besides the Chicken McNuggets! — is the fact that no matter where you are, it just feels like home.”

The campaign will also be uplifted by market-specific activations that will tap into local fan interests and cultures, all centered around bringing “Wanna go to McDonald’s?” to life.

For example, this will be team Canada’s first World Cup in 36 years. To celebrate, they’ll flip the script on red and yellow cards, turning them into something to be excited about. As cards go up during the game, McDonald’s Canada will jump into the conversation and cheer fans up with promotional codes to order free McDonald’s. The Canada team will also partner with influencers to drop in on watch parties and surprise fans with McDelivery and swag … no matter the hour.

Fans throughout the Middle East will also get in on the red card fun with a social activation called “The Happiness Swap.” Any time a ref throws a red card, fans will snap a pic, draw fries on the card, and post it with the hashtag #WannaGoToMcD. In return, they’ll receive a promo code for free fries in the app.

Arab football commentators are admired for a passionate, poetic eloquence that makes the games more fun to watch for fans across the region. To celebrate this unique energy, McDonald’s MEA will partner with iconic commentator Raouf Ben Khelif who will encourage TikTok fans to duet his video with their own commentary.

In China, midnight is peak viewing time for fans because of the time difference. So, McDonald’s China is sending out McDelivery via a special team of “midnight riders.” These 11 riders — the same number of players on a standard football team — will don unique uniforms and live-stream their deliveries on TikTok.

McDonald’s UK is partnering with players from the England and Wales men’s and women’s teams to drive sign-ups to free Fun Football sessions. They’re also enlisting famous football fans and pundits to deliver food in limited-edition packaging and will partner with food poverty charity FareShare to make sure every meal delivered during the tournament is matched with a meal for a family in need.

The USA is celebrating the unique ways U.S. Latinos and Asian Pacific Americans experience the World Cup by partnering with Saturday Night Live’s cast member Marcello Hernández to pay homage to unique soccer Latinisms, as well as hosting a McDonald’s fueled watch party in New York City’s Koreatown. Throughout the tournament, the USA will feed fandom in real time, engaging with fans on social with McDelivery and exclusive swag. Whether cheering on Team USA or the team of their heritage, whether sharing in the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat, McDonald’s is always there for every fan.  

“Wanna go to McDonald’s?” launches across the world on November 14, a little less than one week before the tournament opener between Qatar and Ecuador. While the global campaign film will highlight the many things we share, edits tailored to individual markets will bring to life their distinct customs and character, and we invite fans everywhere to join the celebration.

Because whatever the culture or language — whether you call us Micky-D’s, McDo, Macca’s, Mehkdi, or Macdonal — we’re where the world gathers for its favorite meals.

So, our only question now is … well, you know.

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