McDonald’s and Soundtrack Your Brand, a leading music streaming service for brands, have been working for the past year to develop a totally new way for guests to interact with music when they’re having a meal. Say hi to BeatQuiz.

BeatQuiz is an augmented reality quiz game that automatically generates multiple-choice questions based on the music currently playing in restaurants, enabling McDonald’s customers use their phones to compete with friends, or aim for fame and glory on the daily leaderboards.

“A never-ending digital pop quiz, BeatQuiz is packed with incredible entertainment that McDonald’s guests are going to love,” says Ulf Persson, head of digital customer experiences at McDonald’s Sweden.

“We can’t wait for people to start challenging pals and impressing others with their music trivia knowledge. Personally, I can’t stop playing it. And you won’t be able to either.”

The game is first launching across McDonald’s restaurants in Sweden using Soundtrack Your Brand’s music streaming service and music curation. BeatQuiz is embedded in McDonald’s iOS and Android apps free-of-charge for users to enjoy.

BeatQuiz was developed by Soundtrack Labs, a collaboration between DDB, the global advertising company and Stockholm-based Soundtrack Your Brand. The game is based on the Soundtrack Your Brand open API, and showcases how brands can use music to deepen their relationships with their customers, increase retention, and create exciting interactive layers on physical spaces.

“Games like Nintendo’s Pokemon Go have showed us that the best playground out there is the world we live in,” says Joel Brosjö, Soundtrack Your Brand’s co-founder and Chief Experience Officer. ”With BeatQuiz, we’re applying the same logic to bring McDonald’s restaurant environment to life.”

BeatQuiz was launched across McDonald’s restaurants earlier this month, and has been an instant hit with thousands of players.

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