From gestures like greeting customers with a song or paying for their order at the drive-thru, to actions like saving a choking customer’s life, McDonald’s crew members are showing up for customers and making their days brighter. And consumers like celebrating them in return, with thank-you shout-outs at local restaurants and all over social media. 

This week, McDonald’s is launching a new initiative called “Thank You Crew” to build the hype from coast to coast. The chain is inviting customers nationwide to join in recognizing McDonald’s crew and managers in their local restaurant who are going above and beyond.  

Customers can submit stories at McDonald’s wants to hear about the burger-making masters behind the counter that always deliver the perfect pickles-onion-lettuce-mayo-ketchup ratio, the manager who made sure your little sister got her favorite Happy Meal toy, or the crew member who did something truly inspiring that deserves to be shouted from the rooftops, the company says. As stories roll in, local franchisees who own and operate McDonald’s restaurants across the U.S. will recognize many of these crew with one-of-a-kind thank-you experiences that are personalized to them. 

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For a crew team known for going the extra mile for customers at a McDonald’s restaurant in Atlanta, the surprise of a lifetime happened to be a visit from one of their favorite artists (and Atlanta hometown hero) Lil Yachty. A former crew member himself, Yachty dropped by this week to share a McChicken and fries with the team and say thanks for everything they do. 

“I learned a lot working at McDonald’s before my music career took off, and this visit brought those memories right back,” Lil Yachty said in a statement. “I give huge credit to all the McDonald’s crew showing up and working hard every single day. They deserve big things, real celebrations, and I’m here for that.”  

These surprises are just the beginning as McDonald’s and franchisees continue to celebrate crew nationwide in big and small ways. There’s no one way to say thank you – local celebrations might include a party with friends and family at the restaurant, a surprise delivery of flowers and balloons, free tickets to see their favorite artist or sports team, or even a weekend getaway. 

“So many of our customers have shared special moments with our crew – from celebrating important milestones in their lives to helping them get through the day with that special treat,” says Tiffanie Boyd, SVP and chief people officer, McDonald’s USA. “Our franchisees are thanking their restaurant crew in unique, meaningful ways for all this and more. This program was inspired by them, and I can’t wait to celebrate even more outstanding crew as new thank-you’s start rolling in.”  

To hear more real-life stories of how McDonald’s crew have made customers’ days and inspired the company to take these celebrations to the next level, check out McDonald’s Thank You Crew submission page at

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