Beginning May 8 through June 7, select United Airlines flights outbound from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport will be offering a new lunch option for customers—McDonald’s Grilled Chicken Caesar McSalad Shaker.

“We’re delighted to be showcasing McDonald’s newest addition to its menu,” said Janice Northcott, manager of North American product planning for United Airlines.

“We’re pleased our partners at United have chosen our Grilled Chicken Caesar McSalad Shaker to offer passengers,” said Wendy Cook, director of menu management for McDonald’s. “Our unique packaging makes eating a McSalad Shaker convenient and portable. The clear packaging makes it possible for customers to see our ingredients from top to bottom.”

The Grilled Chicken Caesar McSalad Shaker is made of a green salad mix, sliced grilled chicken breast and shredded parmesan cheese. It is currently available at participating McDonald’s restaurants nationwide and joins two other McSalad Shaker varieties—Chef and Garden. Served in a tall, clear, plastic cup with a domed lid, customers pour on their choice of dressing then shake it up, spreading the dressing evenly and neatly inside the cup.

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