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    McDonald's Welcomes Parents to Work

  • Industry News April 23, 2008
    Today, New York Tri-State Area McDonald's restaurants celebrate the inaugural Take Your Parent to Work Day. A creative twist on the more traditional Take Your Child to Work Day on April 24, Take Your Parent to Work Day was conceived by area McDonald's to celebrate the supportive parents that help make McDonald's Crew members the best in the business.

    Across the area, McDonald's employees are encouraged to bring their parents to work and show them the fun and the variety of experiences that go into a day at McDonald's. Not only do parents have the chance to see the work their children do, but they can be a part of the McDonald's team for a day and learn how each restaurant functions as a whole from food prep through the work of McDonald's supportive managers.

    "We are thrilled to launch Take Your Parent to Work Day," says Paul Hendel, president of the McDonald's New York Tri-State Area Owners/Operators Association. "It's going to be an enjoyable day for parents, employees and customers, but most importantly it's a chance to showcase the teamwork, ability and dedication of our teams at McDonald's. We think everyone, parents and McDonald's crew members alike, will learn something new about themselves from this experience."

    New York Tri-State Area McDonald's is unique in offering this opportunity to open up the McDonald's family to the families of McDonald's. At Take Your Parent to Work Day, moms and dads see the variety of jobs that go into making a McDonald's restaurant run. From work behind the grill and behind the register to maintenance and supply chain operations, McDonald's can only function when all members of the team work hard and support one another. McDonald's is an excellent place for employees to grow and many McDonald's employees go on to become restaurant managers, field managers and corporate leaders.

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