Under a new marketing alliance between the California Milk Processor Board — creator of the GOT MILK? campaign — and McDonald’s, 153 McDonald’s restaurants in the Sacramento, California, area will encourage patrons to order a carton of milk, rather than a soft drink, with a Happy Meal.

While milk has always been on McDonald’s menu, this is the first time the GOT MILK? trademark will be used both in McDonald’s advertising and in the restaurants themselves.

According to the CMPB, the test is extremely important to both partners. “The dairy industry must convince consumers to drink milk outside their homes or lose the beverage battle to sodas, sports drinks, bottled waters and coffee,” the group said in a statement. “McDonald’s desires to raise the awareness of healthy beverage options available at their restaurants.”

A logo incorporating the Golden Arches and GOT MILK? was created for the promotion, and radio advertising and outdoor billboards will start in mid-April. McDonald’s employees will wear GOT MILK? buttons, while the tagline will be featured on restaurant menuboards and trayliners.

The promotion could roll out statewide, and possibly nationally, following a three-month test period.

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