McLane, a leading supply chain services company, yesterday announced that two of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s regional franchisee associations presented the company with their respective “Vendor-of-the-Year” Award for outstanding service and overall performance.

The Southern California KFC Franchisee Association honored the McLane Riverside team for its excellent day-to-day performance, and for its effort in continually supplying fresh chicken during KFC’s free meal giveaway announced on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Additionally, this KFC franchisee association recognized the flawless transfer of business to McLane last year, a move that involved 145 KFC locations and 50 of the Southern California KFC Franchisee Association’s members.

“McLane proved their systems and capabilities are top-notch at our most challenging times,” says Mark Steinke, president of the Southern California Franchisee Association. “Their expertise and dedication makes the whole process run smoothly.”

The KFC Northeast Franchisee Association recognized the McLane Albany, Burlington, and Manassas teams for their day-to-day outstanding support and efficiencies.

“McLane goes above and beyond our expectations to service our organization,” says Keith Cole, president of KFC Northeast Franchisee Association. “Whenever there’s a problem, McLane finds a solution to fit our needs. They’re a key partner in our success.”

McLane services some of the world’s largest chain restaurant systems and adheres to the most rigorous standards. With nationwide reach and a local presence in key population centers, McLane delivers world-class expertise, logistics, technology, and promotion services.

“Every day we’re grateful to be the distributor partner of choice for all of our customers and we’re very honored to be presented with these prestigious awards from both the Northeast and the Southern California KFC Franchisee Associations,” says Susan Adzick, vice president of sales and marketing for McLane Foodservice.

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