Beginning April 21, people throughout the U.S. can enjoy a salad in a different way. McDonald’s is introducing the McSalad Shaker at restaurants nationwide—an innovative and convenient approach to eating salads like never before. The McSalad Shaker is served in a tall, clear cup with a domed lid that allows customers on the go to pour on their choice of dressing and shake it up, spreading the dressing evenly throughout.

“As part of McDonald’s 2000 menu strategy, the McSalad Shaker is among the first of several new food items to debut at McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S.,” said Alan Feldman, president, McDonald’s USA.

“The revolutionary packaging concept makes eating a McSalad Shaker easy and fun,” said Gerald Tomlinson, corporate chef, McDonald’s. “It’s very portable and the clear packaging allows our customers to see the fresh ingredients from top to bottom.”

McDonald’s will be giving travelers at LaGuardia airport their choice of a fresh Chef, Grilled Chicken Caesar or Garden McSalad Shaker. From 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (EDT) April 11, in the US Air terminal, people en route had the opportunity to meet Ronald McDonald¨ and enjoy a McSalad Shaker at the airport or carry it with them for a later meal just about anywhere—on their flight, in a taxi, hotel room or back at home.

McSalad Shaker salads are currently available, at participating McDonald’s restaurants, in three meal choices, including Chef, Grilled Chicken Caesar and Garden. The Chef McSalad Shaker contains a green salad mix, julienne ham, julienne turkey, a cheddar and jack cheese blend, chopped eggs, chopped tomato and green onions. The Chicken Caesar McSalad Shaker is made of a green salad mix, sliced grilled chicken breast and shredded parmesan cheese. The Garden McSalad Shaker contains a green salad mix, a cheddar and jack cheese blend, chopped eggs, chopped tomato and green onions.

The recommended prices are $1.89 for the Garden McSalad Shaker, $2.29 for the Chicken Caesar McSalad Shaker and $2.59 for the Chef McSalad Shaker; however, prices may vary by restaurant.

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