Del Taco’s newest promotion makes going out to eat an easy option for budget-sensitive individuals and families.

The promotion, which begins tomorrow and runs through Jan. 6, features a new $2.99 Classic Combo Deal and a new $8.99 Fiesta Pack.

The Classic Combo Deal includes a Classic Taco with double the meat and freshly grated cheese and tomatoes; a Del Combo Burrito packed with slow-cooked beans, seasoned taco meat and Del Taco’s signature red sauce; and a choice of drink.

Del Taco’s new promotion also includes:
• Free hashbrown sticks with the purchase of a Steak & Egg Burrito,

• A new kind of “gift card,” B.E.R.P. (Bold Eaters Revolutionary Party) for the holiday season,

• Chocolate Fudge Cake, and

• Strawberry Lemonade is being permanently added to the Del Taco menu.

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