Merchant Link, a leading provider of payment gateway and data security solutions, launched EMV for Oracle Hospitality’s Restaurant iPOS Suite, including 3700, 9700, Simphony 1, and Simphony 2. Out of the lab and into pilot and production, Merchant Link has released EMV for Oracle merchants.

Merchant Link provides a comprehensive security suite of products, including tokenization, point-to-point encryption, and EMV to Oracle point-of-sale merchants. Certified with Oracle Hospitality for point-of-sale, Merchant Link’s suite of products closes the loop on security by securing data in flight and data at rest, and by responding to card present fraud.

Dan Lane, CEO, Merchant Link, says, “In our continued effort to provide Oracle Hospitality (formerly known as MICROS) customers with the type of leading credit card data security solutions we’ve been known for, we are pleased to share that merchants now have the ability to make sound business choices when it comes to securing sensitive payment card information. Our relationship with Oracle Hospitality continues to evolve as the payment industry, card brand associations, and merchants demand more and more in the way of security offerings. Getting to a finished EMV product was a massive undertaking, but the partnership we’ve had [with MICROS] for the last 23 years has paid off. Our teams worked diligently to get it done and to get it right.”

“We continue to work with Oracle’s committed technology team to provide EMV for lodging,” Lane adds.

The release of EMV comes at a time when restaurateurs are seeking proven partners to work with on this complicated offering. Merchant Link has provided payment security services to over 400,000 merchants, processing over 6 billion transactions annually; adding EMV to its portfolio of security solutions was the logical next step.

TransactionVault is a proven, cost-effective tokenization solution that removes cardholder data from merchants’ systems and stores it in a secure, hosted “vault”—away from the business and protected from hackers. TransactionShield encrypts cardholder data using industry-recognized standards and methods, rendering data unreadable, and unusable to cyber criminals. It utilizes cloud-based decryption so merchants no longer have decrypted data in their environment and integrates with any encrypting device, offering flexibility in the merchant’s hardware solutions. TransactionLink simplifies acceptance of new forms of electronic payment without costly changes to the integrated point-of-sale system (IPOS), including EMV chip and pin cards. TransactionLink, through either a hardware appliance or software co-resident with the POS, also removes card data from touching the merchant's POS or back-office systems. TransactionLink solution extends the flexibility Merchant Link is known for to facilitating EMV and new payments types.