Industry News | June 4, 2013

Merchant Warehouse Partners with RPI

Merchant Warehouse, a leading innovator of payment technologies and merchant account services, announced a partnership with Retail Pro International (RPI) to bring its Genius Customer Engagement Platform to the countertops of specialty retail stores throughout the U.S. Through this partnership, RPI customers will have the ability to turn traditional transactions into a point of interaction with their individual customers, enhancing the overall customer experience.


RPI is dedicated to providing their retailer customers with technology solutions that enable them to focus on what they enjoy most: their business. By offering Genius to their retailer customers, many of the challenges specialty retailers may face are removed, including costly and time intensive hardware upgrades to meet various industry security regulations. In fact, Genius helps take the retailer out of scope for PCI as it separates all sensitive data from the point-of-sale system, so that developers, retailers, and customers can rest easy knowing that transactional data is protected through tokenization and point-to-point encryption.


“We’ve seen greater innovation and change in the payments industry in the last few years than in the last 20 years combined,” says Kerry Lemos, CEO of RPI. “Genius allows retailers to accept any type of payment in a low-risk manner and turn basic transactions into deeper interactions with their customers. We’re looking forward to the opportunities Genius brings to our customers that they may not have previously considered possible.”


Genius is designed to evolve with the retailer, letting them accept all payment types, discounts, promotions, and rewards programs through a single, unified platform. Through this process, Genius is capable of providing consumer purchasing details that will help a retailer deliver appropriate and targeted deals, offers, and discounts to enhance the overall customer experience. Genius also enables merchants to increase revenue by offering loyalty-building incentives and offers that attract new customers and retain current ones.


“New payment technologies entering the marketplace today present incredible opportunities for both retailers and consumers alike, but these technologies rely on the retailers to figure out how to capitalize on this mobile revolution,” says Henry Helgeson, CEO of Merchant Warehouse. “Genius was created with the future of payments in mind. The convergence of marketing and payments presents incredible options for retailers to gain insight into purchasing behavior and share relevant targeted rewards with customers. This increases loyalty and drives new customers in the door, too.”

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