Just in time to meet your New Year’s Resolution, Meson Sandwiches is introducing wraps in January, a category which has been trending upwards as more people look for healthy lifestyle options. While the restaurant chain has offered vegetarian options, salads and fresh ingredients with no preservatives, this is the first time since its arrival in Florida five years ago that it will offer wraps.

“The New Year bring new goals and resolutions, most of which consist of a fresh, healthy restart,” says Meson president Felipe Pérez-Grajales. “That is why we’re thrilled to offer a new menu option that serves as agreat alternative for consumers looking for a quick lunch or dinner that’s light, and guilt-free but doesn’t sacrifice on flavor. The new category of products also enhances our menu in the U.S.”

The first wrap offering – the Cranberry Chicken Wrap -is made with 100%, antibiotic free, chicken breast served up in three styles: crispy, grilled or rotisserie. The wrap also contains freshly chopped lettuce, parmesan cheese, onions, cranberries, almonds, and an exquisite raspberry dressing. For those customers wanting to make the seasonal product even lighter, they can choose to order it as a Salad. For a limited time, customers will be able to order a Combo of the Cranberry Chicken Wrap or Salad with bottled water for $7.99.

Meson Sandwiches’ continued success is a result of its commitment to serve consistent quality and flavorful food combined with exceptional customer service. The new wraps add to Meson Sandwiches’ lengthy list of made-from-scratch awesome sandwiches, which have distinguished the family-owned chain since its establishment in 1972.

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