The South Florida-based chain has announced its partnership with Almez Comercial, S.A., a multiunit development company with exclusive rights to Panama.

“The Miami Grill brand is rapidly growing within the international market, and we’re excited to see that growth take us into Panama,” says Robert Haar, vice president of franchise development of Miami Grill.

Almez Comercial, S.A. is a multi-unit developer that has the signed exclusive rights to open up locations in Panama. The company joins the Miami Grill family as a successful developer with Administradora General de Franquicias. The official leading the team is also a longtime Miami Grill fan, since his days spent traveling with his family, eating at every location from Miami to Orlando. Almez Comercial, S.A. officials became aware of the franchising opportunity through a meeting with Enrique Tellez, a senior trade specialist from the U.S. Commercial Service of the Embassy of the United States of America, which included Robert Haar. After meeting with several highly qualified groups and a rigorous selection process, Haar and his team chose Comercial’s group to sign the exclusive rights to.

“After visiting several locations in Miami, tasting a few menu items, especially the gyro and grilled fish, and seeing what a cool concept Miami Grill has quickly become, we knew it was the right decision to open up multiple locations in Panama,” says a representative from Almez Comercial S.A.

This is the first of several deals signed by the Panama-based development group.

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