Bearclaw Coffee Company formed a co-branding partnership with Askar Brands, the parent company of Papa Romano’s Pizza, Mr. Pita Sandwiches, Stucchi’s Ice Cream, and CJ’s Brewing Company. Under the agreement, the two Michigan-based companies will allow their franchisees to co-brand two or more of the brands in one location.

“By having two brands in one location, you can maximize your potential for the breakfast crowd and you can maximize your potential for the lunch and catering crowd,” says Debi Scroggins, founder of Bearclaw Coffee.

“Rather than both companies becoming expert in coffee and sandwich concepts, the strategic partnership allows each company to continue evolving their own food segment,” says Mary Jean Raab, board member of the Bearclaw Coffee Company. “Companies in the coffee category, for example, have just not figured out the sandwich category on their own. This may change in the future, but our partnership allows us to do it better and quicker.”

Askar Brands has nine co-branded units in Michigan, Colorado, and Texas that have successfully co-branded Mr. Pita Sandwiches with Papa Romano’s Pizza, says Gary McCausland, chief development officer of Papa Romano’s Pizza and Mr. Pita Sandwiches.