Mici Italian is observing the mathematical holiday Pi Day on Monday, March 14, with a fun celebration: each of Mici’s seven locations will give away 3.14 10” pizzas to the first four people in line at 3:14 PM on 3/14/22. Of course, the first three people will receive a whole pizza, while the fourth will receive .14 of a pizza.

While 3.14 is the foundation of a circle, the foundation of Mici’s circles (or hand-tossed pizza pies), is their dough. Made with only five ingredients: flour, salt, sugar, water and yeast, Mici’s handcrafted dough is equally crunchy and chewy. It is the perfect partner to fresh, all-natural mozzarella; their house-recipe pizza sauce, made with the finest California-grown tomatoes (canned fresh, not from concentrate), and the family’s blend of herbs and spices.

Altogether, their simple Formaggio Pizza is as classic as it gets, and Mici is excited to give some Pi away this Pi Day. 

*It’s possible Mici might take pity on the .14 recipients and give them the remainder of their pie 

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