Milk Bar, the rule-breaking dessert company founded by award-winning chef Christina Tosi, announced the launch of grocery store treats at all Target locations nationwide.

Milk Bar’s entry into the grocery store space catapults the brand into an exciting new category, adding to an existing omnichannel approach to desserts. Guided by nostalgia and razor-sharp wit, Milk Bar’s American-style cakes, cookies, pie, and soft serve have been available since 2008 in brick and mortar shops (across New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, and Toronto) and through a complementary eCommerce site that ships dessert care packages nationwide.

Now, the brand marks its expansion into grocery following an initial launch at Whole Foods in April 2020 with everyday products that feel both familiar and unexpected. Milk Bar’s launch at Target will begin with brand new Truffle Crumb Cakes — inspired by Milk Bar’s signature bakery Cake Truffles and classic supermarket desserts. Available in the refrigerated section, Milk Bar is innovating within the fast-growing fresh snacking space, presenting a new option for worthy indulgence with a uniquely Milk Bar spin.

Truffle Crumb Cakes are also joined by soft baked Cookies, inspired by the bakery’s signature mix-ins and names. Additional cookie flavors (including holiday exclusives) will debut in the coming months.

“Bringing the spirit of what the Milk Bar team and I create to the daily lives of our community is both a dream come true and something we never take for granted. We pride ourselves in showing up when you least expect it, showing up with spirit and heart, showing up with baked goods. That my mom, my aunts, my brothers and sisters can get a little nibble of the bakery at their nearby Target excites me to no end. Though most aren’t able to visit us at one of the shops, or are waiting for that special occasion to send a care package, we’re here for you, to give you a reason, an excuse to take a little moment to celebrate something, someone, to take a beat, to eat dessert.”

Milk Bar’s emotionally-driven approach to culinary innovation remains unchanged, especially in this uniquely challenging year. In the consumer packaged goods space, Milk Bar is creating multiple products across multiple aisles in the dessert category with the mission to bring fun back to the aisles of the supermarket through delicious flavors, high quality treats, and whimsical, eye-catching packaging.



Inspired by Milk Bar’s signature Cake Truffles and childhood supermarket snack cakes.

Find these in the refrigerated aisle! $2.99 for a pack of 2.

Flavors include:

Birthday: All the childhood flavor of birthday cake packed into a crunchy on the outside, dense and fudgy on the inside, highly snackable treat. Made with rainbow-flecked vanilla Birthday Cake and coated in a layer of icing, sprinkles, and crunchy birthday crumbs.

Chocolate Birthday: An on-the-go snack inspired by the batter and the cake, all in one: rich and fudgy cocoa-packed Chocolate Birthday Cake, coated in a layer of icing, sprinkles, and crunchy chocolate birthday crumbs.

Chocolate Chip: Where cookie dough meets cake, this handy treat is made with deep vanilla Chocolate Chip Cake and coated in a layer of icing, sprinkles, and crunchy yellow cake crumbs.


Chewy, soft-baked cookies like the ones you grew up with, turned up a few notches with unexpected flavors and add-ins. $4.99 for a carton of 8 cookies (four 2-packs).

Flavors include:

Confetti: Confetti takes your classic sugar cookie and gives it the rainbow treatment — a buttery, vanilla-infused confection with a burst of colorful sprinkles.

Compost:  The Compost Cookie takes all the snacks in the pantry — pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, graham crackers, chocolate chips, and butterscotch — and turns them into chewy, munchie gold that hits the sweet (and salty) spot every time.

Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow: This cookie takes your favorite chewy chocolate chip cookie from childhood, then adds crunchy caramelized cornflakes and gooey marshmallows to delightful effect.

Coming soon: Exclusive holiday cookie tins and new flavors, coming in November.

Milk Bar’s grocery store products will also be available at your favorite local stores nationwide this Fall and beyond.

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