Mindshare Technologies today announced the addition of its new user-friendly Quick Response (QR) code feature to the company's enterprise feedback management platform.

The new QR code support makes it easier for the customers of Mindshare's clients to provide immediate feedback via a mobile-optimized survey on their smartphones and mobile devices.

The Mindshare QR codes can be accessed through a wide array of touch-points—from door or wall posters to product packaging, brochures, marketing collateral, and even sales receipts.

Mindshare's QR code feature allows customers to conveniently access survey forms on a mobile device, the new tool of choice for customers taking surveys or providing other feedback.

QR codes are a highly accessible form of barcode that can be encoded with large amounts of information, and are easily scanned with smartphones or other mobile devices. This ease of use and access will significantly increase the amount and quality of feedback that Mindshare clients will receive from their customers.

"A big part of what makes Mindshare uniquely successful is our approach of making customer feedback timely, and immediately accessible to the people who can act on it," says John Sperry, CEO of Mindshare. "When a customer or non-buyer gives feedback after seeing a QR code, their experience is still fresh in their mind, so our clients get targeted responses and opinions in real time. This enables them to keep their finger on the pulse of the needs and wants of their customers at all times."

QR codes are also highly customizable and can be unique to each customer. For example, the POS (point of sale) system can print the survey invitation with a unique QR code that contains specifics about that customer's experience, such as the store number, how much the customer spent, the time of day a purchase was made, the name of the employee that assisted the customer, and which items were purchased. This feature allows the Mindshare Platform to combine this data along with the customers' feedback to find strong correlations, and provide even more actionable insights to improve the customer experience.

Another significant benefit of the new QR code feature for Mindshare clients is the ability to capture elusive and extremely useful feedback from non-buyers, in order to determine why they decided not to make a purchase. For instance, by posting a QR code near an exit that asks, "Please help us improve by giving feedback on your experience today," clients can glean information they may have otherwise missed, helping them increase sales and retain customers.

"The specific data available with this new tool will be invaluable to retailers, restaurants and many other clients," Sperry says. "For example, we will be able to help store managers and owners see how specific products purchased or the price of an item affects customer satisfaction. The new QR code offering is one of the many innovative ways Mindshare continues to impact the way mobile accessibility changes how people interact with brands and improves customer experience."

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