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    MIRUS Loss Prevention Helps Tumbleweed

  • Industry News June 10, 2008
    MIRUS Restaurant Solutions, reporting on a single area within its flexible exception-based restaurant management (EBRM) tool, increased revenue by $300,000 for Tumbleweed Southwest Grill.
        With software that can look at every transaction, MIRUS measured how many soft beverage sales were being recorded compared to the number of entrees.
        Tumbleweed’s Director of Mission Control Steve Brooks says, “The exception capability enables us to see which servers ring in water in place of other beverages from all levels of our organization. Soft beverage sales are up more than six percent since the start of this exception. With MIRUS, we have a loss prevention tool that is more powerful than any loss prevention department.”
        MIRUS President and CEO Dave Bennett says, “Fraud is a systemic problem throughout the restaurant industry, and it’s so easy for our solution to find. Our clients at Tumbleweed understand that ignoring it is like turning your back on the opportunity to recover bags of money, and I mean big bags. Loss prevention is one of the quickest ways we help clients offset rising costs.”
        For Tumbleweed’s 23 company-owned units, the recovery amounts to an average of $13,000 annually per store. And that’s only part of the payoff picture from MIRUS.
        “Tumbleweed finds the soft beverage-to-entrée exception to be one of many MIRUS solutions with ROI,” Brooks adds.