Industry News | April 16, 2012

Mission Control: New Cold Stone Blast Ready for Take Off

Cold Stone Creamery invites Canadians on an epic mission of ice cream happiness as it introduces the new Cold Stone Blast, Canada's newest super-premium blended ice cream treat made with real Canadian cream and Cold Stone's signature mix-ins.

In celebration of the introduction of the Cold Stone Blast, any Love It (medium) size Cold Stone Blast or Signature Creation is just $2 from April 16-22. The Cold Stone Blast flavors are:

  • Orea Indulgence:  Sweet Cream ice cream blended with Ores cookies and fudge sauce and topped with more Oreo cookie pieces
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate:  Chocolate ice cream blended with Reese Peanut Butter Cup pieces and fudge sauce and topped with more Reese Peanut Butter Cup pieces
  • Cookie Cookie Dough Dough:  French Vanilla ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough pieces and fudge sauce and topped with more cookie dough pieces

"Since the first location opened in 2009, Canadians have embraced Cold Stone Creamery, making our co-branded Tim Hortons locations a favourite stop for ice cream in this country," explains Nick Javor, senior vice president, Cold Stone Creamery Canada.

"Our ice cream is made right in our restaurants using real Canadian cream and I believe that makes our ice cream treats like the Cold Stone Blast richer, creamier and more indulgent than other popular ice cream treats."

Cold Stone Creamery has more than 130 co-branded locations across Canada.

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